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Transform Your Space with Stunning Lighting: Positively Charged Electric's Solutions

Light can ignite a mood, enhance a space, and create a truly unforgettable atmosphere. At Positively Charged Electric, we’re more than just electricians; we’re architects of light, here to transform your Aurora home or business with beautiful, functional, and personalized lighting solutions.
From illuminating your dream kitchen with sleek pendants to bathing your outdoor haven in warm radiance, we offer a dazzling array of services to bring your vision to life.

Lighting Electrical Services
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illuminating your dream

From illuminating your dream kitchen with sleek pendants to bathing your outdoor haven in warm radiance, we offer a dazzling array of services to bring your vision to life.

Fixture Installation

Embrace elegance

Let cascading chandeliers cast a shimmering glow over your dining room, or add a touch of whimsy with playful pendant lights in your children's playroom. We expertly install a wide range of fixtures, from statement pieces to recessed downlights.

High Ceilings?

Conquer high ceilings! We expertly install fans & chandeliers up to 25ft, bringing light & comfort to any space.

Task lighting, redefined

Boost your productivity in the kitchen with under-cabinet lighting, or create a reading nook bathed in warm light with a strategically placed floor lamp. We'll ensure every task is flawlessly illuminated.

Accentuate the extraordinary

Highlight cherished artwork, architectural details, or decorative features with strategic accent lighting. We'll use subtle spotlights or recessed lighting to draw attention to your home's unique beauty.

recessed lighting

Elevate your space with seamless recessed lighting solutions. We install, upgrade, and repair for a touch of modern elegance.

Safety first

Security lighting plays a crucial role in safety and peace of mind. We'll install motion-sensor lights or strategically placed sconces to deter unwanted visitors and keep your property secure.

Commercial LED retrofitting

More than just illumination

Our qualified electricians are your lighting design partners. We'll help you navigate the world of task lighting, ambient lighting, and layered lighting to create a cohesive and beautiful atmosphere in every room.

Warm or cool? We've got you covered

Choosing the right color temperature for your lighting makes a world of difference. We'll guide you through the intricacies of warm lights, cool lights, and everything in between, ensuring the perfect ambiance for your needs

Dimmer magic

Create the perfect mood with convenient dimmer switches. We'll install them with your new fixtures or upgrade your existing wiring to unlock the magic of adjustable lighting.

Timeless control

Elevate your home with timer switches. Let your outdoor lights greet you every evening or create a welcoming sunrise effect in your bedroom, all effortlessly.

Smart home integration

Future-proof your space with smart lighting systems. We'll help you integrate smart bulbs, voice controls, and automated scheduling to create a truly connected and convenient home.

Expert Electrical Work

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