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Power Up Your Home: Positively Charged Electric's Wiring and Equipment Expertise

At Positively Charged Electric, we understand that the life of your home runs through its electrical wiring. From powering your appliances to keeping you safe and connected, a reliable and efficient electrical system is crucial for modern living. That’s why we offer comprehensive wiring and equipment installation and repair services in Aurora, Centennial, Elizabeth, Littleton, and the Denver metro area.

Wiring And Equipment Aurora CO
Residential Electrical Wiring Aurora CO

Upgrading Your Home

Whether you’re upgrading your home with new appliances, adding a hot tub, or simply ensuring your wiring is up to date, we’ve got the expertise to handle it all:

Wiring Installation and Repair

Bringing power where you need it

Need additional circuits for your growing appliance collection? We'll install new circuits safely and efficiently, ensuring proper power distribution and preventing overloading.

Subpanel solutions

For larger projects or homes with separate areas, we can install subpanels, providing dedicated power and circuit protection for specific zones.

Rewiring with confidence

Is your home's wiring outdated or showing signs of wear? We offer complete rewiring services, replacing old wires with modern, safe materials that meet current electrical codes.

Aluminum and knob & tube? No problem

Don't let outdated aluminum or knob & tube wiring pose a safety risk. We'll expertly replace these old systems with modern wiring for ultimate peace of mind.

Subpanel solutions

We prioritize grounding and bonding upgrades, ensuring proper electrical paths for stray current and minimizing the risk of shock.

Outlets and switches, made easy

Need new outlets or switches installed? We handle all types of installations, indoor and outdoor, with precision and care.

Equipment Installation and Repair

Drive into the future

Ready for an electric vehicle? We'll expertly install your home EV charger, ensuring safe and efficient charging for your electric car.

Hot tub bliss

Relax in your new hot tub with confidence. We'll handle all the wiring and disconnect installation, ensuring proper grounding and safety.

Poolside paradise

Enjoy worry-free pool time with our expert pool pump wiring and installation services.

Power on the backup

Never be caught in the dark again. We'll install and maintain your backup generator, providing reliable power when the grid goes down.

Security assured

Enhance your home's security with our expert wiring for security systems, cameras, and alarms.

Home entertainment haven

Create the ultimate home theater experience with professional wiring for your audio and visual equipment.

Electrical Safety for Every Home

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